Author: Muhammad Din Jauhar

Feminism is the name of viewing the relationship between man and woman from a power perspective and struggle to recreate it on the terms of power. This power is political and capitalist in nature. The basic argument of feminism reads “Everything is political, hence the individual is political”. According to this perspective, woman is naturally less empowered due to her gender. Therefore, women empowerment is the real motto of feminism and basic demand from the system of power and capital.
When the question is raised that is woman really a “less empowered” being? And if so why? Then the whole culture, religion and traditional perceptions are held responsible for it. And the System is demanded to correct this natural imbalance.
Every human relationship is built on an aesthetic foundation and upheld on moral basis. In religious connotations, amid every two human beings the third entity is God. But in feminist narrative, this third entity is System that is the relationship between man and woman is “political” and is based on Power. Therefore, the system should legislate in order to regulate it. In essence it is the proclamation of an end to human relationship, every human relationship that is. This is the reason why in west the relationship between father and daughter, sister and brother, and mother and son has been refashioned into a political contract, and thus ceased to exist aesthetically and morally.
Here the important aspect (of feminist ideology) is that Life and Nature has not equally empowered man and woman. Feminism is the demand to correct Nature. The western political system based on “One person, one vote” and the western capitalist system based on “One job, one stomach” has happily complied with this demand.So that all human resources of resistance are once and for all abolished in such a singleton society.
The recent demonstration by feminist is not a new phenomenon; it is in fact centuries old. The only difference is between West’s hard power and soft power. The Navy ships of East India Company used to land on our shores with similar reckless and contemptuous pomp as our families were made to witness this demonstration. As long as we will not ‘fully’ understand this, their Guns, ideologies and cultures will keep sweeping our lands like subjugated territory: and in the Global system all our civic resources will be ultimately squeezed dry.

The End.